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What is your design service and how will it benefit me?

We provide a professional graphic design and advertising design resource to our clients.


Vanilla Rain has trained professionals that have over 25 years experience working on a wide range of design sectors including corporate, bluechip, retail, advertising and government bodies.


We design for all mediums, taking into consideration future brand growth needs. Some of the most common design solutions include advertising, brand logo / visual identity, brochure, exhibition, packaging, direct mail, marketing, stationery and website design.


Your company will benefit from having experienced design professionals applying intelligent marketing and design solutions to answer the brief presented.

How much do you charge?

It is a natural concern of every client to know their financial commitment before embarking on a project. We wish there was a simple answer to this, however design services are not so easily quantifiable, as requirement varies for each and every project.


As part of our quotation process we will consult with you to define your requirements, scope and specifications of your project, and budget and work with you to create a package that bits your needs and budget. We will then present an itemised quotation for consideration and agreement before embarking on any work.


We have two types of billing depending on your design job :

   a) Net Price - per-project price, pre-determined at the start of the project or

   b) Hourly rated - billed according to the time utilised.

       Clients are updated regularly on their project by our time-log and status reports.


We offer a FREE, no-obligation quotation process, to help define the scope and specification of each project. We are flexible and can work within any budget constraints you may have.


We do not believe in disappointing anybody with any form of hidden cost. It is our policy to be transparent with our clients with all costs itemized prior to the start of any project. Any changes and adjustments are then made and agreed upon by both sides before embarking on any work.

Are there any separate, extra, or hidden, charges

We do not believe in disappointing anybody with any form of hidden cost. It is our policy to be transparent with our clients with all costs itemized prior to the start of any project. You are notified of any changes and adjustments. Work only progresses once you have agreed to any changes.


Depending on the project type,some items that are typically quoted separately include:

- purchase of stock photography or illustration

- printing services

- Web domain registration

- Web hosting fees


All these fees will be disclosed upfront before a purchase is made.

who owns the copyright and intellectual property rights?

By default all commissioned creative works produced by Vanilla Rain remain the copyright of the Vanilla Rain Creative cc. until you have paid your bill up in full, then the copyright transfers to you, except for photographs taken which remain the copyright of Vanilla Rain and to which you get a prior arranged licence, this is to avoid our work being paid for once then used across the entire world, this is common practice with all such work, and outright fee for full copyright transfer of photographs can be arranged. This is also to allow us to protect our works from unauthorised modification, plagiarism or use that is beyond the scope of the original project.


All rejected artwork that is done in mock-ups and design submission or proposals remain the copyright of the Vanilla Rain cc. if you require a legal document for copyright , please submit your request to in writing.

How do you accept payment?

With most projects we request a 50% down payment prior to scheduling work. This is payable via bank transfer or cash. The remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the project, prior to delivery of original artwork.


Overseas work will be quoted in American Dollars, and an EFT can be made or a wire transfer.

Do you only do work in South Africa?

No, we have and we continue to do work all over the world, we either work remotely via Skype or Teamviewer or will travel through to meet with you and work with you on site. Often we are in your town for other work and we can arrange to do your work while there at no extra travel cost to you. We often travel to Namibia, Botswana  and of course all over South Africa on business.


What business are we doing everywhere ? Photography for Nandos, KFC and a few other smaller clients. We travel frequently.

How soon can you start my project?

During normal business hours, we can start working on your project as soon as we process your order and receive your brief and payment.


Turnaround time is 3-5 business days depending on your chosen service. You may request a rush add-on to your design for an additional charge.


We can only move as fast if you are well organised, you have your brief, you have any other artwork we need and you have a fast approval process in place.

Can you pitch on my account or tender?



We are not amateurs, we run a business, we don’t need to pitch, since our track record speaks for itself and our clients come to us, often through referral to get the job done professionally.


You get what you pay for.

What file formats will I receive?

You will receive files for web and print including .PDF, .JPG and .PNG formats. You may also request .AI, .EPS and .PSD files if available.

Do you design graphics for products, names or events?

Yes, we create graphics for all types of products and services. Corporate, small business, web business, product, title, name, event, service, etc.

I have allot of work or regular work

We can arrange a monthly retainer and a discounted fee based on volume

We have a number of clients who have retained our services on a longer term basis or for ongoing work. By paying a flat monthly retainer fee (with a 3 month minimum contract term) we can act as your full-time, in-house design department, handling as many projects as your schedule and ours can squeeze into the retainer period. For clients who have larger, more involved projects or require multiple pieces created this can often be a more economical method compared to getting each item separately quoted and created.

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