We are presentation designers who transform complex ideas into compelling visual content by providing you access to a full suite of presentation design services. Our services include presentation design, professional infographics as well as animated videos.


Vanilla Rain is an unique digital graphic design solution for companies of all sizes, from funded startups to Fortune 500 corporations. We have produced work for almost every industry imaginable including healthcare communications tools, online tech tutorials, digital PR materials for entertainment companies and interactive infographics for financial organisations.


Whether it’s presentation design, a Prezi or a motion graphics marketing video, we deliver  world-class, custom solutions that get results and make you and your business look professional at presentation time.

Some of our customers are looking to redesign an existing presentation, while others want to create a new presentation from scratch.


Vanilla Rain's professional PowerPoint  slide designers use a fresh and cutting edge style to deliver your  presentation.  As a result you improve brand awareness and increase the perception of your business. Our trained PowerPoint specialists will prepare the best slide designs for your business presentations.


Vanilla Rain has an exclusive design department providing innovative graphic design for Print, Internet and Corporate Image. We have great expertise in corporate identity, logo design, stationery, brochure, annual reports, marketing material and almost any other piece related to graphic design.




We have worked on professional slide presentation design for years. Our task is to elevate the exchange between you and your audience into a memorable and meaningful experience. Our presentation designers transform PowerPoint slide  presentations,  into high-end, compelling visuals that tell your story and get results. We can create your corporate PowerPoint slide design from scratch or make over your existing deck. Either way, our custom PowerPoint slide design isn’t just pretty, it conveys your information in an engaging way and leaves a lasting impression.


Our presentation designers create slides from scratch or provide a PowerPoint slide makeover and will transform your business presentations into powerful visual aids.


Presentation Makeovers, Custom Templates, Marketing & Sales Presentations, Slide Production, Presentation Style Guides


Intelligent data visualizations develop a deeper conversation. Our designers are experienced visual thinkers.


How you present your data is just as important as the data itself. Displaying your findings in the wrong way could confuse your audience and harm your credibility. This is why it is important to work with designers who are data visualization experts. Whether it’s a diagram, flowchart, or technical illustration our infographics designers deliver visual representations of your information or data. They communicate in a graphical format that is easier for your audience to understand and more effective than words or pictures alone.


We can take your existing diagram and enhance it for more visual effect and alignment with your brand. Don’t have an existing infographic? Our designers can translate your raw data/information into intuitive custom infographics that facilitate comprehension of your complex concepts, complicated data or intricate processes.

If you create presentations to sell or to persuade, deciding what you want to say, and in what order, is obviously extremely important. Copywriting is usually defined as the art and science of writing to sell. Sometimes you have trouble just finding the right words to express your idea or communication, thats where our copywriters come in to help you.


You know whom you want to reach, and you may even know what you want to say—but how you say it requires a creative studio packed with talent and branding experience.


With our Premium Visual Campaigns, give your team a solid set of sales tools and you’ll be surprised at what they can do.


Quarterly Client Reviews, Important Pitches, Product Brochures, Corporate Events, Product Launches and Demos, Upfronts, Mobile Sales Apps, 3D Simulations, Process Diagrams, Interactive Demos, Webinars.


The strategic use of design can make a substantial difference in how your stakeholders perceive your company.


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