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In our cus­tomised SEO for com­pa­nies, we con­sid­er human-cen­tered SEO as a strate­gic pri­or­i­ty. As we under­stand your busi­ness sen­ti­ments, we real­ize that search engine rank­ings are not the only things that dri­ve any business.

A tar­get­ed audi­ence is what dri­ves it — peo­ple who mat­ter. For pro­fes­sion­al SEO exper­tise, our experts align their ser­vices with your brand.

Our inno­v­a­tive approach has helped hun­dreds of clients achieve a sol­id foot­ing and vis­i­bil­i­ty with­in Search Engines.

Focus on people, not just the algorithms.

Whether it’s analysing user and key­word trends or draft­ing cus­tom strate­gies, we do it all. We run a busi­ness and are well aware that sen­ti­ment and “fol­low­ers” don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly relate to actu­al sales. From local SEO strate­gies to expand your busi­ness capa­bil­i­ties to crack­ing the Google search rank­ings and estab­lish­ing KPIs, we offer a com­pre­hen­sive col­lec­tion of pro­fes­sion­al Search Engine Opti­miza­tion ser­vices.  Then, we lis­ten to your tar­get audi­ence in order to find out where you are.

An investment, not an expense

In com­par­i­son to paid mar­ket­ing and chan­nels, SEO is expen­sive in time and patience. How­ev­er, when you invest wise­ly, you’ll see impres­sive and long-last­ing results. You can reap the ben­e­fits of this mod­est invest­ment by tak­ing it on.

Direct Sales influence

Gain­ing sales and increas­ing prof­its from SEO remains the same objec­tive for all. The organ­ic search engine opti­miza­tion method is believed to gen­er­ate bet­ter ROIs than any oth­er mar­ket­ing method. Addi­tion­al­ly, the high­er your con­ver­sion rate, the low­er the cost. Don’t under­es­ti­mate the intel­li­gence of online con­sumers. Search engines are always their go-to source for find­ing the best deals. The right key­words attract the right buy­ers and rank them at the top, thus impact­ing your sales.

A catalyst for sales

Most brands and busi­ness­es pre­fer not to lim­it their mar­ket­ing chan­nels to just one. Think, for instance, of a brand spend­ing mon­ey to cre­ate and print a cam­paign or only to pro­mote their brand through social media chan­nels such as Face­book and Insta­gram. Is it pos­si­ble to mea­sure its impact and reach, and how can you max­i­mize search­es based on sales intent gen­er­at­ed by oth­er channels?
Ensure that your web­site ranks on the first page before your com­peti­tors with effec­tive SEO. If you don’t have a com­pre­hen­sive SEO strat­e­gy, you could lose a lot of poten­tial cus­tomers who are look­ing for you but may not find you in search engine results, or find  your com­peti­tors first.

SEO services we provide:

Full Suite SEO

We pro­vide a full suite of SEO ser­vices to meet your needs. In addi­tion to tar­get­ed key­word research, Google Ana­lyt­ics, meta­da­ta descrip­tions, search engine audits, and link building.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Ser­vices are the best choice when you want to tar­get local cus­tomers. We cre­ate Google My Busi­ness accounts, opti­mize them, track con­ver­sions, and geo­t­ag sites — you want us on your team.

Google Analytics

Find out which fac­tors work for you and which do not. Uti­lize our Ana­lyt­ics solu­tions to stay on top of com­plex track­ing codes and tags.

Link Building

Despite its charm, organ­ic traf­fic does not deliv­er the same results as inor­gan­ic traf­fic. When you build links to your web­site, humans are more like­ly to vis­it your web­site instead of bots.

SEO Audits

Can’t under­stand why the per­for­mance of your site is degrad­ing? Audit your site’s traf­fic sources, meta­da­ta, meta descrip­tions, and key­words with us and lets get to the bot­tom of the facts.

Content Creation & Implementation

Dis­cov­er how our SEO-cen­tric link build­ing and con­tent out­reach ser­vices can help you gen­er­ate lots of good link juice and attract more traf­fic to your website.

Technical SEO

Do you have a messed up tech­ni­cal SEO for your web­site? We can assist you with every­thing from meta tags, to index­ing, to sitemaps, to link­ing, to key­word research and analysis.

E‑commerce SEO

Today’s prob­lems require mod­ern solu­tions. In today’s world, hav­ing an eCom­merce store that looks great isn’t enough. It is imper­a­tive that cus­tomers find your shop and shop there. There is a solu­tion in eCom­merce SEO.

On-Page SEO

You can opti­mize a web­site or land­ing page, gen­er­ate rel­e­vant traf­fic through a search engine, or write user-friend­­ly con­tent for your vis­i­tors with on-page SEO.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Under­stand­ing your tar­get audi­ence and how they search online is essen­tial to cre­at­ing a great key­word strat­e­gy. We can help you cre­ate an ROI-dri­ven key­word strat­e­gy that leads to mea­sur­able results.

Results driven

Our sur­vival depends on deliv­er­ing client-dri­ven results, agen­cies are typ­i­cal­ly more results-ori­en­t­ed than in-house teams.

Versatile skill sets

You can gain access to a vari­ety of skill sets from work­ing with us which makes it more like­ly that you will receive high­ly respon­sive web apps that are oth­er­wise impos­si­ble to obtain.


We will pri­or­i­tize your needs and be avail­able as per your schedule.

Lower costs

You will save tons of mon­ey if you go the agency route. With an agency, you’ll save on every­thing from hir­ing and main­tain­ing remote front-end devel­op­ers to equip­ment costs.

Understanding of the competition

Since we work with clients in dif­fer­ent ver­ti­cals, we know what the com­pe­ti­tion is like, which gives them a com­pet­i­tive advan­tage and bring a unique per­spec­tive from oth­er indus­tries and busi­ness that might be a blind spot for you.

“Just Google It“

When was the last time you decid­ed to make a pur­chase with­out per­form­ing a Google search?

Accord­ing to a recent study, almost eighty-six per­cent of local busi­ness­es are first searched online.

A well-ranked web­site would act as a tire­less sales­per­son, work­ing around the clock to meet your needs.

Important KPI metrics to track.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Numer­ous fac­tors are involved, such as your domain, bud­get, rank­ing, com­pe­ti­tion, and time avail­able. The rank­ing of a low com­pet­i­tive key­word could occur in two months, while a high­ly com­pet­i­tive key­word could take eight months. An exact time­frame for achiev­ing the tar­get­ed ROIs can­not be pre­dict­ed. If a com­pa­ny offers SEO ser­vices and guar­an­tees any results, such as 1000 vis­i­tors in 3 days some­thing is sus­pi­cious, and gain­ing “quick fix” results like this will most like­ly get your domain being black­list­ed, and this takes many months if not years to fix.

Brand credibility

Peo­ple trust the first page results when­ev­er they run a search query on a search engine.
You can build your brand’s recog­ni­tion and trust among peo­ple by con­sis­tent­ly show­ing up on the first page for search­es in your industry.
Rel­e­vant Key­words, Meta titles, back­links, and meta descrip­tions are a few of the SEO met­rics that are essen­tial to build­ing a pow­er­ful SEO campaign.
SEO gets peo­ple in the sec­ond phase of the mar­ket­ing fun­nel, the research phase after the ini­tial inter­est phase

Geographical Location Organic Traffic

It is impor­tant to know where your tar­get audi­ence is when opti­miz­ing your web­site to increase sales. Loca­tion-based key­words can then be tar­get­ed and opti­mized per store loca­tion or demographic.

High Performing Pages

Var­i­ous pages on your web­site receive a high­er vol­ume of traf­fic than oth­ers. The audi­ence can be direct­ed to oth­er relat­ed pages by opti­miz­ing these high-per­form­ing pages. The best way to accom­plish this would be by plac­ing prop­er CTAs, dis­play­ing offers, adding affil­i­ate links, and adding con­tact forms.  This is also a good mar­ket indi­ca­tor on con­sumer intent and behav­iour and lets us refo­cus our efforts on what your mar­ket is actu­al­ly buy­ing or inter­est­ed in right now.

Average Session Duration & Pages Per Session

Ana­lyze how long users spend on your land­ing page. The inter­est in your con­tent is deter­mined by how engaged your users are with it. In a sim­i­lar fash­ion, Pages Per Ses­sion will mea­sure how many pages a user vis­its dur­ing a giv­en ses­sion. Inter­nal link issues and nav­i­ga­tion­al flaws can be cor­rect­ed, result­ing in users tak­ing the desired actions.

Exit Page Rate

You can’t bet all your mon­ey on the bounce rate alone, tech­ni­cal­ly. It’s impor­tant to know how many exit pages there are. This met­ric mea­sures how many pages you have on your web­site from which the user left. Based on a page’s total views ver­sus its total users, the exit rate is cal­cu­lat­ed. Exit rates are tech­ni­cal­ly use­ful in analysing bounce rates.

Click-Through Rate

Improve your rank­ing by increas­ing the CTR, i.e. click­ing on your busi­ness list­ing to land on your land­ing page. You can achieve this by updat­ing the meta­da­ta on your web­site, mod­i­fy­ing the snip­pets on your web­site, etc. The organ­ic click-through rate of a web­site that appears on Google’s first page should be more than 20%.

Traffic sources

Traf­fic sources can be divid­ed into two cat­e­gories. A source based on plat­form (mobile, tablet, desk­top) and a source based on impres­sions (search con­sole, back­links, social media). By tar­get­ing the right chan­nel and plat­form, you can opti­mize your SEO cam­paigns and boost ROIs.

Organic traffic

The num­ber of organ­ic search impres­sions you receive builds brand aware­ness and keeps you top of mind in search­es, you also gain mas­sive cred­i­bil­i­ty if you rank organ­i­cal­ly on the first page and you have the top advertisement.

Bounce rate

Search Engine Mar­keters are talk­ing a lot about this met­ric. It is time to fix your bounce rate if your users are not spend­ing time on your page. There may be a vari­ety of rea­sons. The con­tent is irrel­e­vant, the ads are too many, the land­ing page is poor­ly orga­nized, the read­abil­i­ty score is low, the pop-ups are dis­tract­ing, etc. You can achieve qual­i­ty traf­fic and high­er engage­ment by review­ing and adapt­ing to your mar­ket and your web­sites ana­lyt­i­cal data.

Keyword Ranking

This no longer plays such an impor­tant role as it once did with search engine rank­ing, this is prob­a­bly the first thing that an SEO com­pa­ny would look for, but times change and Google adapts. User expe­ri­ence is far more impor­tant these days.

Link Building

Back­links are cat­a­lysts for your web­site’s search engine opti­miza­tion. The num­ber of back­links gen­er­at­ed and their sources are impor­tant to con­sid­er. The like­li­hood of you rank­ing high­er increas­es sig­nif­i­cant­ly if your back­links are from cred­i­ble sources. Search engines rank your web­site high­er if it has a high cred­i­bil­i­ty score.

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